Report: ESIC will hand a two-year ban to HUNDEN for leaking Heroic’s tactics

The Esports Integrity Commission disqualified the former coach of Heroic Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen for two years for sharing confidential information about the team's tactics with third parties. This was reported by the sources of the Danish

The ESIC decision will be unveiled on Friday, August 27. Initially, the investigation’s results was supposed to be announced today, August 25, but the Commission postponed the verdict due to the new evidence appeared in the case.

Commenting on the course of the proceedings, HUNDEN expressed his dissatisfaction with ESIC’s actions. According to him, the representatives of the organization did not consider his position and even threatened to prolong the ban if Petersen decides to appeal the final decision.

I'm deeply saddened that they [ESIC] chose not to hear me out in this case since I believe it's a huge case. I've never been heard in this specific case. The only thing ESIC has done is to threaten me by saying that if I choose to appeal the verdict, I will be given a five-year ban instead.

It should be reminded that the conflict between Heroic and HUNDEN became public at the beginning of July, when the coach did not appear in the team’s lineup for IEM Cologne 2021. Later, the specialist was fired, while the organization sued him.