liTTle: "forZe has no superstars, but no weak players either"

forZe coach Anatoliy "liTTle" Yashin, after defeating in their second-round match in Group B at ESL Pro League Season 14, did not outline successful individual actions of any players in the team, putting teamwork in the forefront. In an interview with Maincast, he stated that forZe has no weak players, as well as superstars standing out from others.

All of my guys play beautifully. Everybody does his thing on his map. We saw Jerry almost getting 30 kills against VP on the first map on Mirage. We saw Fl1T winning a 1 vs 3 clutch. We saw almazer breaking in. forZe has no superstars, but no weak players either.

CIS roster along with OG are the leaders of group B after two rounds at ESL Pro League Season 14. liTTle believes that it’s too early to talk about any sort of success since the Russians are yet to face the group’s favorites.

I don’t want to say we have accomplished something because we haven’t advanced to the next stage yet. An experience of playing against tier-1 teams gives more confidence than it does with regular tier-2 matches, no matter losing or winning. The most important here is how tight matches are.

A few months ago we played in a tournament (Funspark ULTI 2020) with Complexity and main rosters. We defeated them. I don’t want to call the teams we faced at ESL Pro League S14 weak. I do believe that these are the opponents of about our level. At the same time, G2 and OG are the opponents of a higher level.

The next match for forZe in the prestigious tournament will take place on August 24, at 17:45 MSK. The Russians will face OG. A win for Andrey "Jerry" Mekhryakov’s squad secures a spot in the playoffs.