VP Prodigy coach: m0nesy is a very confident AWPer running and terrifying the whole map

The Virtus.pro youth roster coach Vladislav "Flash_1" Bykov shared his impressions of his squad’s performance in the online stage of the first WePlay Academy League season. He called NAVI Junior the hardest opponent, highlighting the high individual level of the AWPer Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov.

NAVI were the most uncomfortable to play against due to their dynamic, very confident AWPer, who is running around and terrifying the whole map. It was rather difficult to show the best game playing against him. CIS derbies are always tough to play

According to Flash_1, the sixth place that VP.Prodigy took does not match the team’s goals. The Russian roster planned on being among the four teams to get a spot in the LAN finals of the tournament.

There were no strict goals set for us, although we have discussed what kind of performance would be considered good, satisfactory, and unsatisfactory since this league is critical for academies.

We could do better but not so much. I think making the top four would be really challenging. We considered advancing to the LAN stage as a satisfactory performance.

VP.Prodigy won 5 matches at WePlay Academy League S1 by defeating the Astralis youth roster twice, and taking down FURIA, NIP, and fnatic. The team won $3,000 of the total prize money.

Origin: virtus.pro