Sprout signed raalz & returned to English in-game communication

Danish player Rasmus "raalz" Steensborg has joined Sprout, according to the club's official Twitter. Thus, the team will return to communicating in English after six months of performing with a full-German lineup.

Steensborg has replaced Denis "denis" Howell, who was previously dismissed from the starting five. In a comment for HLTV.org, he said he hopes to quickly adapt to the new team.

"The guys from Sprout had the experience from earlier lineups and the same applies with me. This will not be any harder for us as we all know how to react and do comms in English. I will be taking over a lot of denis' roles on different maps, which have been a lot of the same spots I've been playing with Lyngby Vikings."

"I am really looking forward to start working with the Sprout boys and I know for a fact that they, same as me, have high expectations for the upcoming months. My goal is for sure to grind to the top with Sprout and show people what we can do together as a team."

"I am super happy about this opportunity given to me and I won't let anyone down, that's for sure. I will work my ass off every day, and still, keep up the hunger for even more. Now I am just ready to get the season started with the boys and put up some good results."

The next matches of Sprout will be held in the national championship ESL Meisterschaft Autumn 2021, which begins on August 16.