Heroic sues HUNDEN

Danish multigaming Heroic has announced the start of legal proceedings against their coach Nikolai "HUNDEN" Petersen after its own investigation, which showed that he shared confidential information with third parties without the knowledge of management and other team members. The club therefore terminated the contract of the 30-year-old specialist.

With reference to the statement Heroic’s head coach Nicolai “Hunden” Petersen released on July 28, Heroic believes it is appropriate to clarify the following:

  • Prior to IEM Cologne 2021 in early July, the Heroic team unanimously decided that Mr. Petersen would not participate in the tournament due to severe trust issues.
  • Following this, Mr. Petersen blocked the team members’ access to the team strategy folder.
  • Investigations revealed that Mr. Petersen had shared confidential and sensitive information from our strategy folder with a key individual at a major competitor prior to the tournament.
  • This was done without the knowledge of anyone at Heroic, and would obviously not have been approved.
  • Heroic considers this a clear breach of Mr. Petersen’s contract.
  • A legal process is ongoing in Denmark. Two courts have independently found sufficient grounds for evidence collection, which has been carried out.
  • The issue has been reported to ESL and ESIC.
  • Mr. Petersen’s contract has been terminated by Heroic.

The Heroic team is shocked by Nicolai’s actions and deeply saddened by the way he has let his teammates down, especially given the difficult decision we took to give him a second chance after the coach bug suspension. His actions go against everything we stand for at Heroic.

In order to preserve the integrity of the sport in the eyes of fans and everyone involved, it has to be made clear that such behavior is unacceptable and will have severe consequences. 

We are sorry that the relationship with Nicolai ended in this way and will not make further comments at this stage due to the sensitive nature of the case.

HUNDEN announced in his Twitter intentions to end the cooperation with Heroic after the expiration of his current contract. According to insiders, he will continue his career at Astralis, where he will replace Danny "zonic" Sorensen.

Origin: heroic.gg