NAVI shifted Gambit from the first place of ESL rankings

NAVI has risen to the top of the ESL world rankings by becoming the champion of the IEM Cologne 2021 tournament that ended the day before. Alexander "s1mple" Kostylyev's team displaced Gambit, which had been leading the top since March of this year.

The results of the prestigious LAN-competition in Cologne also helped Astralis and FaZe to return to the top of the world scene, rising by eight and ten positions respectively. and BIG also improved their position in the top 10.

Current top 10 ESL World Ranking:

  1.  NAVI
  2.  Gambit
  3.  G2
  4.  Heroic
  5.  Astralis
  7.  NIP
  8.  FaZe
  9.  BIG
  10.  FURIA