Trident bring seized back; sign GuardiaN as a stand-in

Trident announced the addition of star player Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács, who will serve as stand-in, and the return to the lineup of the former member Denis "seized" Kostin, who was put on transfer earlier. The corresponding press release was published on the Russian club's official Twitter.

Trident also announced the transfer of Mikhail "tricky" Krutov to the bench. The young player has presented the team since January of this year. During this time, the team has not had much success, playing mostly in regional championships.

GuardiaN had been without a team since December 2019, when he was dismissed from the NAVI starting five. Since then, he has mostly only represented various mixes in qualifying for some major tournaments. On February 12 of this year, the Slovakian sniper was granted free-agent status.

The first game of the renewed Trident squad will be on March 16 against Copenhagen Flames in Group C at European Development Championship #4.