LNZ replace ztr in starting NIP lineup

Ninjas returned Erik "ztr" Gustafsson to the Academy lineup and have picked up Linus "LNZ" Holtäng of the Young Ninjas to replace him. Information on the lineup reshuffle has been published on the Swedish club's official website.

Head Coach Björn “THREAT” Pers:

“Erik has contributed enormously to our recent success with great communication and energy, helping us to recover in dire moments. However, I believe he needs some more time to develop as a player, which is why we’ve decided to let him play with Young Ninjas. This opens up an opportunity for LNZ, a gifted player who has been on the rise in Young Ninjas, to try his fortune on the main roster.”

ztr has represented NIP for a short while since February of this year. His best achievements with the team at major tournaments were 3-4th place at ESL Pro League Season 13 and second place at the European RMR event Flashpoint 3.

“Our commitment to building a sustainable performance culture that can continuously challenge for top titles over the next decade is something we take incredibly seriously. We want to give him time to further develop, without the pressure of having to deliver on the highest level instantly. Having such a strong foundation within Young Ninjas, giving us the option to allow further high quality development, but at a healthy pace is something I am really proud of. I believe the future of high performing esports teams is one where we are able to work more leniently around the five man roster concept, and for me this change is a strong indication that we are on the right path,” says Jonas Gundersen, Chief Operating Officer.

The debut game of the refreshed lineup in the renewed lineup will take place June, 3 against OG in the group stage of IEM Summer 2021.