meyern transitions from 9z to Furious

Argentina's Furious has announced they've rented 9z's reserve player Ignacio "meyern" Meyer. The 18-year-old eSports athlete replaces Sebastian "Gooden" Palacios, who has represented the team for the past year.

meyern has gone inactive at the end of last year after voluntarily less than six months with 9z after transferring from MIBR. At the time, the young Argentine said he was experiencing symptoms of stress and emotional burnout, so he had to temporarily stop competing.

Furious decided to replace himself in the lineup after a disappointing performance at the CBCS Elite League Season 1 South American RMR tournament. The Argentine team lost to MIBR, Paqueta and Havan Liberty in the group stage, which has been played in the Swiss system format.

Furious lineup:

Ignacio "⁠nacho⁠" Rodriguez
Owen "⁠Owen$inhoM⁠" Veron
Matias "⁠abizz⁠" Muñiz Cusi
Jonathan "⁠JonY BoY⁠" Muñoz
Ignacio "⁠meyern⁠" Meyer (loan from 9z)

Pablo "⁠Xiguinilster⁠" Paez Ortega (coach)