CBCS Elite League Season 1 keeps loosing participants: two more teams have withdrawn

Isurus and Jaguares have announced their withdrawal from CBCS Elite League Season 1, which serves as the RMR tournament for South America, due to the VAC ban of their players being revealed. Previously, three other teams - Bears, DETONA and Keyd - left the regional championship for the same reason.

Andre "drop" Abreu fell under suspicion of hiding the blocking by Valve's anti-cheat in Isurus. After the club announced its decision to continue playing in CBCS Elite League Season 1 with a replacement while the incident was investigated, the 17-year-old Brazilian admitted that he did indeed receive a VAC ban for using a skin-changer.

Team Jaguares was forced to withdraw from the RMR tournament due to suspicions on Emerson "desh" Henrique. As it turned out, the blocked account belonged to the 22-year-old player's cousin, so the club is awaiting confirmation of this information from Valve.

The first ranked tournament of the season for South America began on April 22. So far, Bravos, Sharks, MIBR, Paqueta and Santos have made it the playoffs. The last three finalists will be determined on May 5-6 in Black Dragons vs. INTZ, SWS – Meta & Havan Liberty – Furious pairs.