ALEX free for offers as a free agent

British player Alex "ALEX" McMeekin, who spent the last month on the bench in Cloud9 due to the decision to disperse the team, announced the termination of his contract with the American organization. He is currently in free agent status and is considering options to continue his career with CS:GO and Valorant.

ALEX joined Cloud9 in September 2020 as captain of the new squad. His agreement with the club was signed for three years and the total deal cost was worth around $1.65 million.

According to recent rumors, teams not only in CS:GO but also Valorant are interested in McMeekin's services. In particular, according to insider Guillaume "neL" Rathier, multigaming G2 offered the former Cloud9 in-game leader to lead their roster on the Riot shooter, but the Brit turned it down because he wasn't ready to change disciplines at the time.