Gambit CEO: "some players ran out of fuel"

Gambit CEO Konstantin "groove" Pikiner, who serves as temporary head coach for CS:GO department after the team suspended former specialist Ivan "F_1N" Kochugov from training after he convinced of using the coaching bug, commented on his team's defeat in the ESL Pro League Season 13 Grand Final. According to him, the main reason for the disappointing result was the fatigue of the players accumulated during the seven-hour match.

We've had experience playing in the bo5 format, but it used to end on four cards and lasted about four hours. Yesterday we played for about seven hours, and on the fifth map some players ran out of fuel. As the game went on, I knew that everything would be decided at train - whoever won this marathon of overtimes would win the whole series. And so it happened. The players were upset, of course, but everyone was happy for Axile, who had worked the entire tournament and won a well-deserved MVP.

Gambit lost to Heroic 2-3 on maps in the battle for the EPL S13 championship title.