Gambit rise up to the second spot in CSPPA rankings

Counter-Strike Professional Players Association (CSPPA) presented an updated ranking of the best teams in the world. Victory at Pinnacle Cup 2021 has allowed Russian team Gambit to hop in the top 3 for the first time, and take second place, displacing NAVI team by one position.

Astralis still holds the lead in the ranking. and Vitality are trailing slightly behind the top three.

Current Top 10 of CSPPA World Ranking :

  1.  Astralis – 496,6
  2.  Gambit– 455,6
  3.  NAVI – 442,1
  4. – 385,5
  5.  Vitality – 366,0
  6.  BIG – 328,1
  7.  Liquid – 284,4
  8.  FURIA – 246,1
  9.  Team Spirit – 231,3
  10.  Complexity – 186,5

The full version of this rating is available on the official website of CSPPA.

Recall that the CSPPA presented its own version of the world ranking last fall. According to the authors, the ranking of teams takes into account the stability of performances and health of the players. The past nine months' performance is taken into account, with rosters of six or more players receiving an additional advantage.