ropz interviewed by expressen

Robin "ropz" Kool of mousesports in an interview with the Swedish SportExpressen commented on the recent reshuffle of his team, where former captain Finn "karrigan" Andersen was replaced by Chris "dexter" Nong. According to him, the team is currently in a slump, as the replacement of the in-game leader implies a new tactical training.

The team has recently been forced to undergo major changes, when Danish team captain Finn "Karrigan" Andersen chose to return to the Faze Clan. A heavy blow for the team.

- Of course I was sad, it was a step backwards because we basically start again from the beginning with our tactics. But our coach has been working on it for several weeks now, so we look forward to what we can accomplish together. Sometimes you need a step back to go further

The team has recently received two new acquisitions that will be important parts of the "new" mousesports. These are Danish Frederik "Acor" Gyldstrand, who comes from Mad Lions, and former Renegades player Christopher "Dexter" Nong.

- We were looking for an AWP player for around six months, I think, and being part of Team Razer helped us recruit Acor from Mad Lions, which is part of the same organization.

Tough hunt for a new IGL Ropz describes him as a very talented AWP player with a good sense of the game, and who both plays methodically and can be aggressive and do it surprisingly when needed.

- Finding a good IGL (in-game leader, editor's note) is much more difficult because the market is bad for captains. dexter dominated the Oceanian scene with the Renegades and has proven to be a very talented and promising IGL. I'm still getting to know him, he's a very unique and chill person. It will be big shoes for him to fill in Karrigan's vacuum.

Mousesports got off to a very heavy start with the new five when the team came last in their group in the ESL Pro League after four losses and only one victory. The same group that Swedish Ninjas in Pajamas won. The team's goal for the year is to establish themselves in the top ten and, of course, get to the big major in Stockholm this autumn.

- Getting there will be a tough road that we look forward to. Hailed as one of the best in the world, 2021 will be the team's big key player to get there. Ropz is ranked as the world's seventh best player after another incredible year and is seen as one of the game's very best aimers.

He has also been highly praised by many other world stars for his frag-ability, his consistently high level and that he often performs in big matches. Among other things, he was recently selected in Swedish Olofmeister's dream five - which called him one of the best in the world. 

- So when I look back on 2021, I want to be able to say that I did my best to help the team succeed. I'm happy if I can help my team win, and reaching HLTV's top 20 list as a result is a satisfying bonus.