signed Academy lineup

Russian multigaming has announced five CS:GO players who will represent their academy lineup named VP.Prodigy. The announcement of the new youth squad took place on the organization's official website.

Mikhail Artemyev, shooter branch manager:

“We are always taking chances when working with youth rosters. It’s crucial to find talented players who are passionate about CS:GO. Talent though isn’t the only thing on a path to success. There are a lot of things to work on: we got to improve our game sense, communication between the players and so on. Our main goal is to help the players reach their full potential and we are sure that the guys have what it takes to accomplish everything we set out to do. Right now they are taking their careers to a higher level, and we don’t want the potential pressure from competitive scene to prevent them from enjoying the game.”

Coach Vladislav "Flash_1" Bykov assembled the team together with ex-captain of Alexei "RuFire" Burakov, who will personally lead the young talents. According to VP.Prodigy's in-game leader, the roster consisted of non-conflict players who create a positive atmosphere in the team.

Alexey “RuFire” Burakov, VP.Prodigy CS:GO roster captain:

“When we were building this roster we wanted not only skilled players, but also easygoing ones with non-conflictual attitude. Our current roster clicked right away, we have a good team chemistry and we know what our main goals are. We’ll do our best to prove ourselves.”

VP.Prodigy CS:GO team was introduced at the end of September 2020. Over six months, the Russian and Ukrainian lineup took part in several Tir-3 tournaments but failed to achieve any notable results at any of them. announced a restart of the project at the end of January of this year

VP.Prodigy roster:

  •  Alexei "RuFire" Burakov (25 years old).
  •  Nikita "bloodyK" Dobrynin (19 years old)
  •  Evgeny "r3salt" Frolov (16 years old)
  •  Armen "cheerful" Exuzian (18 years old)
  •  Ivan "lom1k" Ovsyanik (18 years old)
  •  Vladislav "Flash_1" Bykov (coach)