huNter's AMA on reddit

 Nemanja “huNter” Kovač took part in the AMA session on the official Reddit of G2 Esports team. Here's the list of most interesting questions and replies we've picked for you.

1. Are dry running strats a thing in tier 1 CS like it was in 1.6

2. If you're trying to antistrat a future match against team X but scrimming against team Y...

3. How should you approach this?Examples of what an IGL might say during freeze time? Is it more vague or more descriptive?

1. it's not exactly the same, but it's not completely different either

2. just practice what you're going to use and do on official

3. it should be descriptive, we have to leave the spawn knowing precisely what we are going to do

So something I've always wondered about is how teams prepare for other teams once a tournament starts or a few days before. Let's say at katowice: I assume you spend an equal amount of time preparing for the people in your group, Mouse, gambit, big, Spirit, etc.

But do you ever prepare more for tournament favorites? Like navi or astralis before this event started? How does the preparation changes when it's playoffs and you have matches right after you finish one bo3 and haver another one the next day?

for now, we are only working on what is next because we are still in a phase where our own development is the most important

Can you tell us anything about Nexa's style of calling?

Also, I heard that one of the reasons you and Nexa went to G2 was because of KennyS. Is that true? What was it about Kenny that attracted you to G2?

It's true that we have a lot of respect for what Kenny did. We parted ways because we think it's the right thing to do for the team, but it doesn't take away Kenny's amazing talent, I wish him the best!

What does your daily routine look like? Do you use any aim trainers?

I'm used to wake up around 10, having breakfast and going outside for a walk and coffee with my friends or family, then I seat behind my computer and start my training day around 12. We generally practice till 7pm and then I usually take time to work on myself, before having a dinner with my wife

I'm curious about what an average team practice session looks like. Do you spend more time on empty maps or scrimming, for example? Do you use any specially arranged workshop content or something, etc.

It depends on the period, we have days where we can spend 2 to 3 hours doing theory, brainstorming together or workshops led by our coach or analyst, it's varied.

The closer we get to an event, the more we play practices and put aside the strategic work

When playing with CR4ZY, did you have any favorite moment(s) other than the StarLadder Berlin Major?

Winning against my brate kennyS the day of his birthday and in his country at DreamHack Tours ;D

Thoughts on the map pool right now and if you would like to see a change which is it ?

Thoughts on the AWP in the current meta especially cause the last 3 years the top 2 players were AWPers ?

Regarding map pool, I would like to have cache instead of overpass, and maybe cbble instead of train. Then we win a Major :D

AMPers are star players, at least in the current meta, and it's normal to find them in such ranks honestly

is the swap of Niko to the hybrid AWP role a permanent one, with Jackz/another rifler filling in KennyS's spot? and on a completely different topic, what do you like about the MP5? definitely a more rarely-used gun in the current meta

we want to give a fair chance to this move, everything will depend on how NiKo is going to adapt with time, but yes, the intention is to have a long term thing coming from that. MP9 and UMP45 are cheaper and better, imo

What is your favorite thing about being a CS:GO Pro?

it's a chance to make your passion a living... I'm very lucky for that

The next tournament for G2 will be ESL Pro League Season 13. The team will play in Group B from March 13 to 18 where its opponents will be NiP, Vitality, ENCE, FaZe and mousesports.