Football Club Brugge signed CS:GO line-up

Football club Brugge, which is based in the Belgian city of the same name, has announced an expansion in esports with the signing of a CS:GO line up. The team includes little-known Belgian and Polish players.

Stephen "Stev0se" Rombo, Robin "simix" Bienens, and Richard "ritchiEE" Mestdag, who have been playing together since early 2019 and have at various times represented dizLown, Epsilon, Tenerife Titans and LowLandLions, formed the core of the team. Last November, the Belgian trio achieved free agent status and teamed up with Mateusz "matty" Kolodziejczyk and Mateusz "n0tice" Wolniak under the MAESTRO tag.

The debut tournament for Brugge will be Elite Series Season 1, starting on February 11 with the best teams from the Benelux. The total prize fund of the upcoming championship is € 15.000.