forZe put facecrack on transfer

Russian player Dmitry "facecrack" Alekseev has been removed from the main roster of forZe and was put on transfer. The organization announced this on social networks, without specifying the reason for this decision.

Earlier today, insider Alexei "OverDrive" Biryukov told about the changes in the forZe roster. According to his information, the team is currently still looking for a new player.

Facecrack signed his first contract with forZe in September 2017. The team's biggest achievements during this period were wins at the Copenhagen Games 2019 LAN tournaments, DreamHack Open Winter 2019 and the ESEA S32 Global Challenge. In 2020, the Russian team won three Malta Vibes series tournaments and also placed 3-4 at United Masters League Season 2, Nine to Five #6 and DreamHack Open December 2020.

The next forZe matches will be held at Snow Sweet Snow #1, where the team will start without Alekseev and Bogdan "xsepower" Chernikov, who will be replaced by Alexander "zorte" Zagodyrenko and Alexander "Kiro" Sherov.