FACEIT started automatically banning players for offensive language

Matchmaking platform FACEIT began to ban players who use abusive language in voice chat in the middle of matches. This is massively reported by Reddit forum users.

One such case occurred during a Danish semi-professional CS:GO player Soren "RandomRambo" Jensen's stream. A representative of the opposing team was excluded from the match due to Offensive language.

The participants of the discussion about what happened expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the game was canceled. In their opinion, FACEIT should give a ban to the offender after the match, as other players are just wasting their time, hoping to get FACEIT level points.

Recall that on December 15, the management of the platform FACEIT officially introduced an update to the artificial intelligence called "Minerva," which is now able to analyze players' conversations directly during the match in order to detect toxic behavior. The bot has been running in testing mode for the past few months and has managed to detect up to 2 million unacceptable messages in voice chat.