Operation Broken Fang Week 4 Challenges

"Full-Time Job" - This week our focuses shift from specific types of weapons into workplace-themed puns. You will have to get kills with the M249, earn money, and deal grenade damage to make sure you get the maximum amount of stars possible this week.

Broken Fang Week 4 Challenges:

  • Get A Head Start: Get headshot kills in Wingman: Inferno (4 kills, 8 kills, 12 kills)
  • Spend It All In One Plave (2 stars): Get 20 kills with the M249 in Guardian: Inferno
  • Short Term Investment: Deal grenade damage in Retakes (50 damage, 100 damage, 150 damage)
  • Cash Rules Everything Around Me: Earn money in Casual: Defusal Group Delta ($25000, $50000, $100000)