Gambit, forZe, & sAw advance to the playoffs at DreamHack Open December 2020

By the end of the group stage of DreamHack Open December 2020, forZe and Gambit took first place in the groups. and sAw also made to the playoffs, beating Espada and Nemiga in the second place matches.

The main group stage outsiders were XSET and Movistar Riders. They lost two games in a row and finished in last place in their groups.

Results of the group stage:

Semifinal matches will be played today, December 12. At 16:30 CET, forZe and sAw will play, and at 20:00 CET, Gambit and will meet.

Current playoff bracket:

For more details on the interim results and the full schedule for the following DreamHack Open December 2020 matches, visit the tournament page at the link.