xms quits CS:GO

Ex-player of Heretics Alexandre "xms" Forte has announced his resignation from the professional CS:GO. In his Twitter account he noted that he would move to Valorant, although for a long time he had been choosing between Counter-Strike, Riot shooter and quitting esports.

To be quick and not repeat myself on the TL I did a month ago when I decided to leave Heretics, I wasn't really sure of my future between CS, Valorant or completely stop this time for the health problems I have had.

Concerning my health problems I have to go see a "special" doctor and logically it should be the last person to tell me what I really have because it's still a bit unclear but overall I feel better.

So I've taken the time to think about what I really want to do and Valorant is the best solution for me.

I am F/A and open to any proposal EU/FR on Valorant! A small RT would be greatly appreciated <3

His professional career in CS:GO started in 2015. For five years he represented several French teams, and the most successful period was associated with Envy, which in 2017 steadily reached the decisive stages of major tournaments and won the DreamHack Open Atlanta 2017. The last team of Forte was Heretics, which he left in early November because of an unnamed illness and went to inactivity.

It should be added that in 2018 xms has withdrawn from CS:GO. At that time, he claimed the loss of motivation, but a year and a half after this decision Forte returned to the professional stage and signed a contract with LDLC.