Cyber Legacy released their CS:GO line-up and left the discipline

Cyber Legacy has announced that they leave CS:GO due to financial difficulties. The press release has been published in the official multi-gaming group in their social media.

Cyber Legacy CS:GO department is temporarily dissolved?.

For economic reasons, Cyber Legacy, an eSports holding company, decided to temporarily freeze #CSGO department. Suspension of the direction is not final and will allow us to pause and make important strategic decisions about the future development vector. In particular, the decision to go to other gaming disciplines, which will be announced additionally in the near future.

We thank the players of the team for their desire to win throughout the time spent together, and wish them success!

Cyber Legacy signed the line-up back in April this year. After several changes, including the arrival of former NAVI player Denis Kostin, the team mostly played in regional tournaments, and at the RMR-event IEM New York 2020 CIS took eleventh place.

The nearest tournament for ex-roster Cyber Legacy will be the European Development Championship, which will be held from 7 to 20 December. It is not known under what name the team will play, but on FACEIT platform it has already been renamed into BEZ ZP.

Ex-Composition of Cyber Legacy:

 Denis "seized" Costin
 Timur "clax" Sabirov
 Mikhail "tricky" Krutov
 Alexander "glowiing" Matsiyevich
 Stanislav "Fostar" Ostashevsky

 Andrey "XomA" Mironenko (coach)