ScreaM remains aim leader even 1 year after giving up his CS:GO career

Belgian eSports pro Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom continues to single-handedly lead CS:GO  rankings in terms of headshot percentage (65.8%) and number of headshots per round (0.48), despite having left the professional shooter scene from Valve over a year ago. Current statistics, which is limited to the results of teams from the top 30 for all time, was published portal

The only player who is close to surpassing ScreaM is Russell "Twistzz" Van Dalken from Liquid. His headshot rate is 62.4% and the number of headshots per round is 0.45. It is noteworthy that the Canadian has the best rating - 1.09 against 1.06.

FaZe's Havard "rain" Nyygard takes third place in the combined indicators of aim with 56.5% and 0.40 respectively.

Recall that the last official matches of Benrlitom in CS:GO were held in September 2019. After a while, the Belgian moved to Valorant, where he currently stands for Liquid and is recognized as one of the strongest players of the discipline.