Rumours: MIBR are aiming for leo_drk buyout

MIBR intends to keep Leonardo "leo_drk" Oliveira, who was taken from Sharks for a short-term lease, in its new composition. This is reported by the Polish portal, citing its own sources.

According to published information, the management of the Immortals Gaming Club organization, which includes the MIBR team, has already contacted Sharks to discuss a full transfer of 21-year-old Brazilian, but the parties have not reached an agreement. Sharks are counting on the player in its new squad, the formation of which was completed on November 18, so for leo_drk will have to pay the full amount of ransom prescribed in the contract.

Recall that after the exclusion of Fernando "fer" Alvarenga, Epitasio "TACO" de Melo and Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo MIBR invited three stand-ins to participate in European tournaments BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020 and Flashpoint 2. The Brazilian team finished in the 7th-9th place on the first one, and in the second one went to the playoffs, which will take place in early December.

leo_drk represents Sharks since July 2017. Together with him the team has won several regional tournaments, as well as participated in international championships EPL S7 Finals (13-16th place), EPL S8 Finals (9-12th place), PLG Grand Slam 2018 (3rd-4th place), DH Open Rio 2019 (3rd-4th place), ECS S8 Finals (7-8th place) and EPL S10 Finals (13-16th place).