ALEX & Snappi became CSPPA player representatives in the Flashpoint Board of Governors

Alex "ALEX" McMeekin and Marco "Snappi" Pfeiffer joined the Flashpoint Board of Governors as representatives of the Counter-Strike Professional Players Association (CSPPA). This is reported on the official page of the organization on Twitter.

The captains of Cloud9 and c0ntact will defend the interests of the players of the Flashpoint participating teams in the approval of the format and schedule of the next league seasons, as well as participate in the discussion of the championship regulations. The current Flashpoint commissioner is former esports caster and analyst Christopher "MonteCristo" Michaels.

The second season of Flashpoint is currently underway, with the final phase taking place in early December. It is noteworthy that the last places in the tournament took Cloud9 and c0ntact.