G2 Welcome NiKo

G2 announced the signing of the contract with Nikola "NiKo" Kovac, thus confirming the previously announced information by HLTV.org. The amount of transfer of the Bosnian player from FaZe is not disclosed. At the moment, it is also unknown who he will replace in G2.

NiKo has represented FaZe for 3.5 years and during this time has won nine shooting gallery-1 tournaments, in six of which he received the title of MVP. He was also included four times in the list of the twenty best players in the world according to HLTV.org.

The debut tournament for NiKo in G2 will be BLAST Premier Fall Series 2020, where the European line-up will play in the same group with FURIA, MIBR and Astralis from November 2 to 4.