TYLOO over ViCi in the grandfinals of ESL Pro League S12 Asia

The champion of the Asian part of ESL Pro League Season 12 is TYLOO. In the Grand Final, which began with a one map advantage, the team of Yulun "Summer" Cai defeated ViCi with a score of 3:1 - 10:16 on Train, 19:16 on Mirage and 16:8 on Vertigo.

TYLOO also defeated ViCi in the final of the upper bracket, and in the first match of the tournament was stronger than Beyond.

The final bracket of ESL Pro League Season 12 for Asia:

Prize fund distribution:

  1.  TYLOO – $12,500
  2.  ViCi – $6,500
  3.  Beyond – $4,000
  4.  Invictus – $2,000

By winning ESL Pro League Season 12, the Chinese team strengthened its status as a leader in the region. After the professional stage went online due to the coronavirus pandemic, TYLOO won all major Asian tournaments except the first RMR event, ESL One Road to Rio.