Groups for NA,CIS & Europe at IEM New York 2020 presented

The organizers of IEM New York 2020 announced the seeding of teams at the regional championships for CIS, North America and Europe. Three tournaments with a total prize pool of $250,000 will be held online from October 6 to 25. For CIS and North America they will be the final qualifiers this year for the next major.

CIS Tournament will be attended by 12 teams divided into two groups. It will be held from October 13 to 25 with a group stage in Double Elimination format with three best teams advance to the play-offs.

List of IEM New York 2020 participants for CIS:

Group А

 Natus Vincere
 Cyber Legacy

Group B

 Team Spirit
 Gambit Youngsters

The number of participants and the system of North American event is the same as in the CIS. Date of event - from October 6 till October 18. The organizers made three changes: Mythic was invited to replace Yeah, Imperium replaced Cloud9 for unnamed reasons, and RBG took the place of Gen.G, whose captain left earlier.

List of IEM New York 2020 participants at North America:

Group А

 Evil Geniuses
 New England Whalers

Group B

 100 Thieves

For Europe, IEM New York 2020 will not act as RMR tournament.

List of IEM New York 2020 participants for Europe:

Group А


Group B