ESIC accused 37 coaches of bug abuse

eSports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has published the first results of its investigation into the use of coaching bug on the professional stage. According to its results 37 specialists received bans for the period from 3.75 to 36 months.

The most famous names from the list of banned, in addition to those who were punished or confessed earlier, were Sergei "starix" Ischuk (Hard Legion), Sergei "lmbt" Bejanov (forZe), Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira (FURIA), and Casper "ruggah" Dew (OG).

ESIC created several levels of sanctions, which depended on the frequency and duration of use of a bug. Based on this, bathing options were developed, as well as softening factors that allowed coaches to reduce the duration of the bath.

Softening factors:

- A confession of guilt before the outcome of the investigation is announced (a 40% reduction in the banana).
- Full confession of guilt (25% reduction).
- Partial admission of guilt (12.5% reduction).
- Assistance to the investigation (20% reduction).

Complete list of banned trainers:

During the ban, coaches are not allowed to be physically present next to the team 15 minutes before the match and before its end. They will also not be able to communicate with players in any way during the same period of time and will not be allowed on the server during official matches. It is also forbidden to participate in the card selection process.

The ban applies to tournaments from ESL, DreamHack, BLAST and WePlay! ESIC urged the other tournament organizers to join their number and protect the professional stage from fraud.