fnx & LUCAS1 recovered from coronavirus

Repeated tests on COVID-19 for Lincoln  "fnx" Lau and Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles gave negative results. This was announced by the Imperial organization, which also announced the start of the boot camp in Belgrade.

Initially, the Brazilians were to fly to Serbia on August 29, but due to the discovery of two players sick with coronavirus, they changed their plans to prepare for the RMR-tournament Tribo to Major. It was reported that fnx and LUCAS1 felt normal, because the disease was asymptomatic.

Return to training was possible after a second test and consultation with the doctor has been stated by Imperial. Both players and the team have already flown to Serbia, where they will train until September 16. Their boot camp is in the same hotel as the MIBR team.

Tribo to Major will be the last RMR-tournament for South America and will be held from September 18 to October 11. A ticket to the major will receive only one team from the region. In the current ranking Imperial is in third place, behind the leading BOOM by 760 points.