Hard Legion's coach abusing bug against AGO demo published

Former ESL judge Michal Slovinski, who independently investigated the use of the coaching bug and provided it to ESL, tweeted part of the demo of former Hard Legion coach Alexander "zoneR" Bogatyrev. From the video it becomes clear exactly how the bug works and what advantage the team with information about the location of the opponent gets.

Slovinski did not post a video of the match with ESL One Road to Rio, where zoneR used the bug six times on three maps, for which he received the punishment. As an example, the expert published a demo of the match against AGO at the tournament #HomeSweetHome: Week 5, which the Russian team won with a score of 2:1. The decisive card was Mirage, where Bogatyrev used a bug.

According to Slovinski, the coach used the bug on the first card of the quarterfinals #HomeSweetHome: Week 5 against Heroic - Dust2 was won with a score of 19:17, but later Hard Legion lost 5:16 on Nuke and 10:16 on Inferno. On #HomeSweetHome: Week 6 in the match against Secret zoneR used the bug on the third card, but his team lost it with a score of 19:22. It also became known that Bogatyryov's violations were in a series with Gambit Youngsters in #HomeSweetHome: Week 4, which Hard Legion won with a score of 2:1 and reached the semi-finals.

The author of the ESL investigation added that people who have more time to watch the demos can study the records of these matches and understand how much information the players have received from the coach.