Hard Legion fired zoneR

Hard Legion after an internal investigation dismissed coach Alexander "zoneR" Bogatyrev. The management of the team acknowledged the validity of the accusations made by ESL, which referred to the coach's use of observer mode exploit, which allowed to discover the opposing teams' position.

In its statement, Hard Legion claims that they refused to file any appeals and fully sided with the tournament organizer.

Hard Legion is extremely negative about any display of  "unfair play" and believes that honesty in eSports is above all! We are very concerned that our players are suspected of deliberate cahoot with the coach and are also urged to punish them. In discussions with the coach and players, we tend to believe that the coach has not informed anyone that he has an advantage in the game. Players continued to play honestly, without giving importance to the fact that the coach's hints were extremely correct. We have no reason to believe that the players were aware in advance of the existence of this "bug", so no sanctions on our part will apply to the players.

We decided not to take the coach's side and not to look for excuses for his actions. Alexander "zoneR" Bogatyrev was immediately dismissed as a team coach. We extend our deepest apologies to all our opponents as well as to all fans of eSports. We believe that this story will be revealing for all.

 After being accused of using the bug, ESL banned Bogatyrev for two years. One year of ban was awarded  to Heroic coach Nikolai "HUNDEN" Petersen, and Ricardo "dead" Sinigaglia from MIBR received six months.