Perfect World have launched 128-tick servers in China

Perfect World, CS:GO distributor in China, has released an external client, which gave users the opportunity to play with the 128-tick. The new platform works on the principle of ESEA and FACEIT.

Registration on the World Battle platform is possible available with the bank card data, which has been designed to reduce the number of cheaters.

The updated servers ensure a better gameplay by doubling the number of interactions with the player's client. In practice, higher tick makes the game more responsive. The difference between the 64 and 128 tickets is often compared to the difference between the monitor refresh rate - with a 144 Hz monitor the standard refresh rate of 60 Hz seems awkward.

Perfect World signed contract with Valve in 2018. The agreement involves promoting the game to a huge Chinese audience. In addition to running servers with 128-tick, the company hosted a summer RMR tournament in Asia, as well as organizing a qualifying event for ESL One Rio 2020.