Gux⁠ dismissed from GamerLegion coach position and quits esports

GamerLegion coach Rasmus "Gux" has decided to leave the team and continue his career outside of eSports. Ashley "ashhh" Battye took his place.

Gux joined GamerLegion in March this year, after which the organization disbanded the Swedish squad of hampus, dennis, RuStY, freddieb and draken. The recruitment of new players ended in July, when eraa, mezii, Adam9130 and Zero were added to RuStY. The team has not made much progress since then, participating in tournaments of the series Nine to Five and Malta Vibes.

Gux's decision to close his career in eSports is linked to his higher education. The legendary CS 1.6 player will work as an engineer.

The closest opponent to GamerLegion will be Syman. The teams will play on August 7 as part of Malta Vibes: Week 6.

The current squad of  GamerLegion:

 Alfred "RuStY" Karlsson
 Sean "eraa" Knutsson
 William "mezii" Merryman
 Adam "Adam9130" Ahmad
 Patrick "Zero" Judele

 Ashley "ashhh" Battye (Coach)