HellRaisers & Hard Legion will clash in the quarterfinals at Malta Vibes: Week 3

Finalists of the group stage of the third game week of the online championship Malta Vibes were determined. Two strongest teams from each group advanced to the playoffs, including HellRaisers, CR4ZY, Gambit Youngsters and Hard Legion.

As part of the Single Elimination quarterfinals, CIS rivalry between HellRaisers and Hard Legion will take place, Gambit Youngsters and CR4ZY will play against FATE and ALTERNATE aTTaX respectively, and the strongest team will be determined by Singularity and Illuminar. All four matches will take place on July 18.

The results of the group stage:


Malta Vibes: Week 3 runs online from 14th to 19th July. Sixteen teams from Europe and the CIS are competing for a $40,000 prize pool and a free boot camp at a 5-star hotel in Malta.