China will host $300,000 FunSpark ULTI

Chinese tournament operator CGA announced the first details of the international LAN competition FunSpark ULTI, the prize fund of which will be $300,000. The championship is scheduled for early December, but is likely to be postponed as a few days earlier due to the fact that the Chinese authorities extended the ban on sporting events due to the coronavirus pandemic until the end of this year.

In a comment for, a CGA spokesman said the company does not plan to shift the tournament online, but will run it when players can safely visit China. Currently, there are three possible venues for the event: Beijing, Hainan and Chengdu.

A total of eight teams will participate in FunSpark ULTI, four of which will receive direct invitations from the organizers, while the other slots will be occupied by the winners of qualifications for Europe, North America and Asia. TYLOO and FURIA are the owners of the first two invites.

List of FunSpark ULTI participants:

 Инвайт #3
 Инвайт #4
 European qualifiers finalist #1
European qualifiers finalist #2
NA qualifiers winner
Asian qualifiers winner

List of invited teams for European qualifiers:

 Movistar Riders

List of invited teams for North American qualifiers:

 New England Whalers
 Ze Pug Godz

List of invited teams for Asian qualifieirs:

 Lynn Vision