Nordavind won first Malta Vibes tournament

The first game week of the online championship Malta Vibes, which took place from June 30 to June 5, ended in a victory of Nordavind. In the grand final, the Scandinavian team defeated AGO with a 2-1 card score - 5:16 on Vertigo, 16:11 on Mirage and 22:19 on Dust2.

Nordavind made it to the playoffs from Group D and beat Gambit Youngsters and sAw on their way to the grand final. AGO finished second in the same group, losing to Kevin "HS" Tarn in the opening game, while in the main stage they were stronger than forZe and ex-SMASH.

Results of the playoff stage of Malta Vibes: Week 1:

Prize fund distribution:

1.  Nordavind – $25,000 + bootcamp in a 5 star hotel in Malta
2.  AGO – $10,000
3-4.  sAw – $2,500
3-4.  ex-SMASH – $2,500