BIG are top 1 of ranking

The world team rating from received another update, as a result of which BIG, who became the champion of the previous day cs_summit 6, rose by six positions and took first place. The German Grand was replaced by Natus Vincere, who led the list after winning on WePlay! Clutch Island at the end of June.

Second place was maintained by Vitality, behind the new leader by only three points, while the top three for the first time in a long time has entered the representative of North America in the face of Evil Geniuses. In turn, Natus Vincere, G2, fnatic and FaZe shifted by a few lines, while Liquid outperformed FURIA and Astralis. The list of participants in the top ten remained unchanged.

OG, Gen.G, 100 Thieves, Heroic, GODSENT and North significantly improved their position in the top 30. In this regard, a number of teams fell below, but remained in the published ranking.