Perfect World will host summer & fall RMR tournaments for Asia

Perfect World will be the Asian organizer of the last two ranking tournaments before ESL One Rio 2020. As part of the summer regional championship, which will take place from June 24 to July 19, ten competitors will split $100,000 prize fund and 12500 RMR points, 25% more than on ESL One: Road to Rio.

Direct invites to the Perfect World Asia League Summer were received by all eight participants in the first ranking tournament for Asia: TIGER, TYLOO, D13, ViCi, Lucid Dream, Mazaalai, Beyond and Divine Vendetta (ex-Camel Riders). The last two slots will take the winners of the Chinese qualification and the Asian selection.

Distribution of the PAL Summer prize fund:

1. $25,000 + 2000 RMR points
2. $20,000 + 1875 RMR points.
3. $15,000 + 1750 RMR points
4. $12,000 + 1625 RMR points
5-8. At $6,000 + 1312.5 RMR points.
9-10. At $2,000.

Earlier Valve presented cs_summit 6 as a RMR tournament for Europe and North America, and WePlay! Clutch Island - for CIS. The regional competitions will start on June 16 and end on July 5. You can find the list of invited participants in our publication by clicking here.