AGO finalized second roster

AGO has completed the the second CS:GO lineup, which aims to give spare players the opportunity to practice their games in official matches. Eric "leman" Koceba and Patrick "Sidney" Korab were joined by Łukasz "azizz" Kałkowski, Thomas "Viper" Bernacki and Przemiek "Pr3e" Lechowicz.

Trio of newcomers will debut at the Polish online tournament Esport Tour Pro, which will run on May 9-10. At the end of the tournament it will be decided on possible replacements in the team.

The current composition of AGO NEST:

Eric "leman" Koceba
Patrick "Sidney" Korab
Łukasz "azizz" Kałkowski
Thomas "Viper" Bernatzky
Przemiek "Pr3e" Lechowicz