CS:GO Regional Major Rankings

To ensure that the upcoming Major features the top teams in the world, we will require that current Legends and Challengers demonstrate that they are still in top form.

All teams participating in the next Major will earn their invites through regional rankings, which will be updated based on their performance in upcoming Regional Major Ranking competitions.

Teams competing in an RMR series will receive Major Ranking points based on their placement. The 2020 RMR competitions in all regions will have the following point distribution:

2020 Event Point Distribution
Place Berlin 2019 RMR 1 (May) RMR 2 (Summer) RMR 3 (Fall)
1 800 1600 2000 2500
2 600 1500 1875 2344
3 600 1400 1750 2188
4 600 1300 1625 2031
5 600 1200 1500 1875
6 600 1100 1375 1719
7 600 1000 1250 1563
8 600 900 1125 1406
9 300 800 1000 1250
10 300 700 875 1094
11 300 600 750 938
12 300 500 625 781
13 300 400 500 625
14 300 300 375 469
15 300 200 250 313
16 300 100 125 156

Major Invitations

24 teams will be invited to the Major from six different regions based on their Regional Major Ranking.

In total, there are 8 Legend, 8 Challenger, and 8 Contender invitations available.

Each region will be allocated invites to the Major based on that region’s performance in the preceding Major. Based on the results of the 2019 Berlin Major, the invitations for each region are as follows:

November 2020 Rio Invitation Distribution

November Rio Invitation Distribution
Legends 3 2 3*
(formerly Returning Challengers)
6 1 1
(formerly New Challengers)
2 2 1 1 1 1
Total Invitations 11 5 5 1 1 1

*Teams currently unable to travel to their native region are invited to defend their invitations in the region where they are currently situated.


Q. Will there be Minors for the November Rio Major?

A. There will be no Minors ahead of the November Rio Major. Regional Major Rankings will be used to determine all 24 teams participating in the November Rio Major. There will not be a separate path for teams to qualify.

Q. What happens to teams who were invited to the May Minors?

A. For the first Regional Major Ranking series in May, teams qualified for the May Minors (and/or qualifiers for those Minors) will be invited to participate in their respective region’s competition. For later RMR competitions, participants will be invited based on their regional ranking, with additional slots available to teams determined by qualifiers.

Q. What happens to the Minor prize pool?

A. Valve will sponsor the May and Fall Regional Major Ranking series. Each of those events will feature a prize pool of $255,000, divided across each region based on the number of Legends and Challengers invitations available for that region. The minimum prize pool in a region will be $10,000.

Q. What determines what region a team competes in?

A. Given the circumstances, teams’ regions are determined by their current location.

Q. What happens if a team changes region?

A. Regional Major Rankings only represents a team’s performance relative to other teams in the region. Therefore, any region change by a team will result in a reset of the team’s Major Ranking points.

Q. Can a team change their roster before the event? [UPDATED]

A. Prior to each RMR event, teams can change up to two members of their roster at a cost of 20% of the team’s points, per player. Replacing three or more players between events will result in a points reset.

E.g., if a team registers for the summer RMR competition with 3/5 of their May roster, their RMR points will be reduced by 40%.

Q. Can a team change their roster during an event? [NEW]

A. Yes, at any time a team can make a one-time substitution of their registered coach for a player at a cost of 20% penalty to points earned at the event.

In the case of online portions of a competition the substitution is reversible, however each time a coach is swapped in or out the team suffers a compounding 20% penalty to points earned at the event.

E.g., a team that fields a coach will receive 80% of the points earned at the event. If the original player returns to the lineup during the event, they will receive 80% of the remaining points (64%) for that event.

Q. If a team changes their roster during an event, what is the roster that earns them points? [NEW]

A. Substitutions during an event do not affect the roster.

E.g., a team wants to make their substitute a permanent member of their roster. They would lose 20% of their earned points at the current event, and an additional 20% of their total points when they register for the next event with an updated roster.

Q. When does a team get invited to an RMR event (or Major)? [NEW]

A. After a team registers their roster of five players and one optional coach, their points are evaluated. After all teams register, invitations are sent to the top teams by RMR.

Q. What happens if an invited team declines an invitation? [NEW]

A. If a team declines an invitation to an RMR event or the Major, the next-highest ranked team by RMR receives their invitation.

Q. Who earns points at an RMR event? [NEW]

A. In May, since all teams arrived through the normal Major qualification process, all teams will earn RMR. For other RMR events, only the top N teams will earn points, where N is the number of teams invited by RMR.

E.g., an event that invites top 4 teams by RMR and 12 teams by other means will only generate RMR points for top 4 places. An event that invites all 16 teams by RMR will generate RMR points for all 16 places.

Q. How many points do teams earn if they tie for a position? [NEW]

A. If teams tie for a position, they receive the average points available for those positions.

E.g., if a summer event does not tie-break 3rd and 4th places, both teams get 1687.5 RMR points.