Flashpoint 1. HAVU & Cloud9 to the lower bracket semis

HAVU and Cloud9 defeated Gen.G and Orgless in the lower bracket of the Flashpoint 1 playoffs respectively and will face  in the semifinal match. The losing teams have left the tournament.

The confrontation between Gen.G and HAVU ended with a score of 2:1 on maps. The North American team came out victorious from an equal fight on Mirage - 22:20, but in the following Dust2 and Nuke was a few times weaker than its opponent - 7:16 and 6:16 in favor of the Finns.

The second pair also needed all three cards to find out the winner. The match started on Nuke, which was won by FNS' team with a minimal advantage. On their Train Cloud9 they managed to restore the parity on the total score - 16:10. Inferno was chosen as the decisive card, the winner of which was determined only in the final rounds - 16:11 in favor of C9

The current bracket of Flashpoint 1 playoffs:

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