Pros tweet about krieg nerf

On the night of April 11, Valve released an update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which resulted in revised characteristics of some weapons

Professional players, who often complained about the superiority of SG 553 over other rifles, were satisfied with the update. At the same time, many people were surprised by the change of deagle.

Magisk expects to receive some jumpshots

huNter- does not seem absolutely happy.

JW has shown impressive performance with revolver

EliGE noted other things from the patch

apEX is predicting 1.6 times or what?

SG 553 was barely used in the game until its price has been reduced to $2750 in October 2018. In the update of November 19, 2019 the price was increased to $3000, but this weapon still remained the primary one in the attack. For example, on IEM Katowice 2020 SG 553 became the most popular rifle - it was used in 26.6% of rounds.