EPL S11 NA. Liquid over Evil Geniuses to grandfinals

Final of the upper bracket  playoffs of the North American division atESL Pro League S11 was match between Liquid and Evil Geniuses took place. nitr0's team scored 2-0 on cards and will paricipate in the Grand Final, EG will have to pass FURIA in the bottom bracket before getting a chance to take revenge.

The BO3 rivalry started with Nuke, in the course of which Evil Geniuses were close to winning, but Liquid managed to take a series of the final four rounds and eventually win with a minimum advantage of 16:14. The game on Dust2 was also played as an equal struggle, the winner of which also turned out to be Liquid - 16:12.

The current playoff grid of the North American division of ESL Pro League S11:

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