Zero.TSG signed roster with captainMo

Former OneThree captain Ke "captainMo" Liu led the roster of the freshly form Chinese esports  organization TSG.

Ruizan "xiaoxizi" Ma was invited to coach Zero.TSG, who spent the last year in 5POWER. Under his leadership, the club became the champion of Asian online tournaments Asian Development League 2019 S1 and HuyaTV SHARPSHOOTER Cup S1.

In early March, insider Jarek "DeKay" Lewis said that captainMo is considering an option with the end of his career. Later in the same month the 30-year-old Chinese left the OneThree.

The current composition of Zero.TSG:

Китай, China, CN captainMo
Китай, China, CN AE
Китай, China, CN expro
Китай, China, CN B1NGO
Китай, China, CN Roninbaby