EPL S11 EU. FaZe, fnatic & OG finalize participants list

FaZe, fnatic and OG won their next stage matches at ESL Pro League S11, where they joined the leaders of the first group stage - Astralis, Natus Vincere and mousesports. The teams will fight in the Round-robin BO3 format group, which will determine three playoff participants.

Results of the matches

 FaZe 2:0  forZe (Inferno 16:4, Nuke 16:10)

 fnatic 2:1  NiP (Overpass 2:16, Mirage 16:5, Train 16:5)

 Vitality 1:2  OG (Inferno 16:4, Nuke 12:16, Dust2 12:16)

List of participants of the second round at ESL Pro League S11:

 Natus Vincere

Schedule of the second round at ESL Pro League S11:

5 April

14:25  FaZe vs.  fnatic BO3
18:00  Astralis vs.  Natus Vincere BO3
22:00  mousesports vs.  OG BO3

6 April

14:25  Astralis vs.  fnatic BO3
18:00  Natus Vincere vs.  OG BO3
22:00  FaZe vs.  mousesports BO3

7 April

14:25  OG vs.  fnatic BO3
18:00  mousesports vs.  Natus Vincere BO3
22:00  FaZe vs.  Astralis BO3

8 April

14:25  mousesports vs.  fnatic BO3
18:00  FaZe vs.  Natus Vincere BO3
22:00  Astralis vs.  OG BO3

9 April

18:25  FaZe vs.  OG BO3
18:25  Natus Vincere vs.  fnatic BO3
18:25  Astralis vs.  mousesports BO3

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