EPL S11 EU & NA. OG lost against Virtus.pro; EG & Swole Patrol tied

As a result of the next game day at ESL Pro League S11 Virtus.pro, Swole Patrol and Evil Geniuses credited wins to their account. It is noteworthy that on the eve of the final matches of the first group stage, none of the finalists of the presented groups have been determined.

Virtus.pro, which had already lost any chance to advance to the playoff due to three losses to the row, managed to win the prestige match against OG. On the enemy Dust2 CIS team lost with a close score 17:19, and on the following Overpass and Inferno defeated their opponents 16:10 and 16:13 respectively. The efforts of Issa "ISSA" Mourad, who, despite the defeat of his team, became the best player of the match with a total rating of 1.33, should be highlighted separately.

Swole Patrol managed to defeat the temporary leader of the North American division in the face of FURIA 2:0 on cards. On Vertigo, the game was equally fought and ended 16-12, while Nuke was fully controlled by Swole Patrol 16-7.

Evil Geniuses and MiBR needed all three cards to determine the winner. Vertigo has been won by the Brazilian team with a minimal advantage, but EG were able to rehabilitate themselves on Dust2 (16:13), and the crushing attack on Inferno (16:8) brought them a victory in the BO3 series.

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