Flashpoint 1. Envy & HAVU started with victories

The second part of the Flashpoint 1 league started with Group A matches, where HAVU and Envy turned out to be the leaders after the first game day.

Despite the final score 2:0 in favor of HAVU, their match against Copenhagen Flames was quite equal. On Train, everything was decided in the first round of overtime, where the Finns were stronger 19:17. On Overpass, the teams also played all 30 rounds of main time - 16:14.

After the European game, two renowned American organisations, Cloud9 and Envy, were able to find out what their relationship was like. The latter completed the first round of Flashpoint 1 without any victories, playing with coach Nicola "LEGIJA" Ninich, but after Caleb "moose" Jane returned, they seemed to recover. The match started with Envy winning Dust2 16-10, but on the next Overpass the parity was restored - 16-7. The decisive Train started with seven consecutive winning rounds for Envy, predetermining a successful conclusion of the card in their favour - 16:8.

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