EPL S11 EU & NA results

The 11th season of ESL Pro League resumed with matches in the European and American divisions, where there was no sensations at all -every favorite have achieved predictable victories.

FaZe coped with TYLOO on two cards: Inferno ended 16:10 and Mirage - 16:8. At the end of the match Marcelo "coldzera" David showed the best statistics on the server. Especially memorable was the second round on Mirage, when the Brazilian with Deagle ended the situation 1vs4 in his favor. After that FaZe took eight consecutive rounds, closing all questions about the winner.

In North America, 100 Thieves and Swole Patrol opened the game day. In the first round of overtime, the Australians gave their opponent Train 16:19 and then managed to comeback in the series by winning the Vertigo 16:5 and Inferno 16:13. Austin "Cooper-" Abadir's efforts, which ended up shooting at the 1.28 rating, were in vain.

The final match between Liquid and MIBR did not work out. The Brazilian team reluctantly showed up for the season, explaining their need to score points ESL Pro Tour, and on two maps won only 9 rounds: 16:7 on Overpass and 16:2 on Dust2.

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